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Skin and Body Disinfection

Skin and Body Disinfection

Our combinations are specifically formulated for India, and are now the widely accepted standard for such products. For the use of Skin Disinfection, sometimes colouring agents to paint the skin, are required by healthcare workers. We are the only company that offer the Alcohol + Chlorhexidine combination with a completely stable coloring agent, which also has the ability to paint the skin.

AHD 3000

A combination of Ethanol and Chlorhexidine Gluconate specifically formulated for the Indian healthcare market. Ideal for skin antisepsis, preventing of Surgical Site Infections and CDC recommended for catheterization. Available in a colourless and coloured solution. Can be used to paint skin. Available as a Sterile-packed single use device as well."

Lysowash Plus

Chlorhexidine Gluconate based antimicrobial soap ideal for pre-operative bath, surgical hand wash etc. Free from all unnatural colouring agents. Disinfectant for critical areas, general areas, laundry and textiles etc. Biodegradable. VAH Listed. Aldehyde Free. Can be used to fog.