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About Us

Rushail PharmaDin Pvt. Ltd.

For over two decades, Rushail Pharma has been on the forefront of bringing modern technology in hygiene and disinfection to the Indian market. The company has a presence all over the country, and select global markets; supplying to leading hospitals, healthcare institutions, dairies, pharmaceuticals, food and various other industries. We supply to various private and Government institutions directly and through various leading distributors.

Lysoform Dr. Hans Rosemann Gmbh

Since its foundation in 1900 in Berlin, Germany, Lysoform is one of the pioneers in the world of disinfection and hygiene solutions.

Lysoform today is present in many global markets, with their state-of-the-art R&D and international standard manufacturing facility based in Germany. The company has the ability to find country specific solutions owing to their wealth of experience, and having some of Europe’s premiere scientific experts, who are eager to provide realistic, gimmick-free solutions that are backed by tedious research and actual science.

The company has a host of certifications, including the prestigious DIN EN ISO9001 for high quality management, along with DIN EN ISO14001 for ecological management. Lysoform products are vigorously tested, certified and listed by the VAH (Verbund fur Angewandte Hygiene).

After the recent acquisition of Antiseptica (another German manufacturer of disinfectants), Lysoform has strengthened their manufacturing and research capabilities significantly, adding new and exciting products to their already unique range.

Our Combined Philosophy in India

With the combination of Rushail Pharma’s experience and expertise in the Indian market; and the technical and scientific expertise of Lysoform Dr. Hans Rosemann Gmbh, ours has become a house of some of the most modern disinfectants and advances in infection control.

Due to our wide presence in the Indian market and our technical expertise, we have been able to provide customers with comprehensive scientific and technical advice and training on:

  1. When and where to disinfect or, conversely, not to disinfect
  2. How to measure out the correct doses
  3. How to correct a given product so as to reduce possible negative side effects for people, animals, objects or the environment

Due to this unique advantage we are able to introduce many formulations and products available in India for the first time; some are even uniquely formulated especially keeping the Indian market and customer in mind.