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Skin Care

Skin Care

The skincare and soap products on offer here are some of the most well tolerated products available. They are extremely gentle on the skin, with the ideal pH. As they are so well tolerated by the skin, they are ideal for frequent use.


Used for the cleaning of hands, body as a handwash and bodywash for showering. Cleans the hand and skin thoroughly. Very well tolerated by the skin, and preserves the skin'sí natural acid mantle. Forms a very mild foam, and has a gentle fragrance. Excellent for very sensitive skin. Neutral pH.

Wasa Mousse

Skin care and cleaning foam. May help to prevent and manage bedsores to a very large extent. May help to prevent eczema. Mild cleaning action, even without the use of water. May be used for the skin care, and cleaning of newborn babies, acute hospitalized, neuroligically impaired and bedridden patients. Bedsore Management. No Water Required.